Eufy Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Black Renewed with 2 Year Warranty

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Relax, With Eufy

Product Features:

Super-Slim but Powerful

Super-slim, with powerful suction. BoostIQ technology enables automatic suction increase to ensure your floors are thoroughly cleaned.

Endurance Cleaning

RoboVac cleans up to 100 mins* per charge, so you get to enjoy a completely clean home from a single charge.

Zero Attention Needed

RoboVac uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.

Large Dustbox

A large 0.6L dust box holds more dirt per clean to reduce the frequency of emptying.

Up to 100 minutes on hardwood floors with consistent, powerful suction at a low noise level.

Non-Stop Cleaning

Large Wheels roll over carpets and climb over door ledges to get to the mess.

Automatic Cleaning

Multi-cleaning modes and a pre-set vacuuming time ensure an effortless, thorough cleaning.

Triple-Filter System

RoboVac combines a dual-layer filter and one high-performance filter to achieve a clean home.

Product Specifications:

Surface Recommendation:

Carpet, Floor



Product Dimensions:

12.8'L x 12.8'W x 2.85'H

Filter Type:


Battery Life:

100 minutes

Battery Cell Composition:


Item Weight:

5.73 Pounds


0.6 Liters

Form Factor:


Item Weight:

5.73 pounds